Seed Collection


Shakti has collected upwards of 1 billion tree and shrub seeds, cuttings, stakes and other genetic material, from tamarack seeds to willow stakes.


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Leaders in Seed Collection

Shakti’s custom-built digital tools set us apart. Our digital, interactive Tree Seedzone map of Alberta supports our work, and we’re proud to share it freely with the public. Alongside our digital tools, we use our specialized techniques, machinery, equipment and seed management practices to stay ahead of the pack. With an intimate understanding of seedzone systems for wild and modified orchard seeds, and longstanding relationships with nurseries and seed suppliers, we meet the most challenging of reforestation requirements. We’ve supported collections for ESRD, BCTS, FRIAA, Alberta MPB, Alberta Forest Health Program, and more.


Pine Cone Collection

In response to the mountain pine beetle infestation, Shakti collected more than enough pine cones to fill the provincial seed banks for both the B.C. and Alberta governments. No one is more qualified than we are for your pine cone collecting needs.

Black Spruce Collection

We sell and collect black spruce seed, and we’re happy to help and advise you on your needs and requirements. 

Cuttings & Stakes

Growing trees from stakes and cuttings is very particular work that requires highly skilled and knowledgeable practitioners. Our expert seed collectors have the tenacity and passion to undertake the challenges of collecting the appropriate volumes at the right time of year from target species.