Forestry Tree Planting

Shakti’s roots in forestry planting run deep. Since 1998, we have planted hundreds of millions of seedlings across Alberta and B.C.


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Since our early days, Shakti has been passionate about planting trees and forests in industrial quantities. Our innovative digital tools, coupled with our dedication to our clients and staff planters, deliver unmatched quality, safety, and value across the board.

Integrated Production System

Our custom-built digital production platform offers unparalleled efficiency and transparency for clients and staff alike. We have streamlined and integrated everything from onboarding to logistics to supervision and final delivery. Log in to your account and see it in action at:


Shakti’s seedzone tree map, developed in-house, plays an integral role in our operations. From converting land locations to validating seedzone accuracy across all our productive assets, it sets us apart in the field. Explore it at:

Safety Compliance

We take the safety of our operations seriously, and our bespoke training platform ensures all our crew adhere to the highest safety standards. We are compliant across all of BC Forest Safety, Avetta, Alberta PIR, ISNetworld and Comply Works. See our training platform at: