Brushing & Thinning

Competitive by nature, Shakti’s staff brush and thin with the same ambition as everything else.  

We are more than happy to view and bid on projects. Give us a call and find out how we can make quick and safe work of industrial brushing and thinning projects.


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Alberta BC

Our staff have a wealth of experience with brushing/thinning and other commercial silviculture practices. With a great deal of crossover experience from planting / surveying and remote silviculture treatments, we’re able to work safely quickly and efficiently as we do in all our operations.

  • All our staff are licensed and trained by third party training providers.
  • We all carry first aid and utilize Shakti’s custom built, in-house, safety and communications regime which benefits all staff, clients and stakeholders while keeping everyone informed.
  • Real time progress reporting and maps make the work transparent to everyone involved in the project.
  • We use Stilh 560 brush saws which can be utilized across a wide range of brushing and thinning projects, while standardizing training and maintenance for all staff.