Site Services

Shakti’s expertise goes beyond tree planting. We also provide a range of services, from weed picking and vegetation management to site preparation and management. Wherever possible, we avoid chemical and mechanical methods in favour of less intrusive and sustainable options.
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Weed Picking and Vegetation Management

Our experienced tree planters are also skilled in removing noxious weeds on site, with flexible hours and piece rates. We have safely collected and disposed of scentless camomile, ox-eye daisy, raspberry bushes and perennial sow-thistle, among others, saving our clients time and hassle.

Site Preparation and Management

We offer full site preparation and vegetation management using alternative, less invasive methods. Obstacle planting, the addition of woody debris, and simply planting more trees is often a cheaper and less intrusive way to reclaim land, while respecting the residual plants, grasses and shrubs that naturally regrow in many reclamation projects.