Planting 2022


Shakti began as a renegade crew of highballers, then evolved into a diverse community of cool people of all types. This was a learned experience over many stories and adventures.

Shakti is a smallish company with a vast network of vets, clients, and friends from tree planting in Alberta since 1998. We specialize in niche reclamation projects. Our planting work is from early May until August. We pay high prices, 20-28 cents/tree (seriously). Planters have a lot of independence and responsibility, we make choices together. We’re always happy to hear from you.


Chris Harris

[email protected]


Shakti is great for people who:

=> Value learning, independence, real-life tasks. 
=> Are funny and interesting to hang out with.
=> Like to make great money for working smarter 🌳️🌲️🌿

In 2021 our average tree price was 25 cents in Alberta, mostly on reclamation soil with no stumps.  Rookies made over $30,000, some vets made over $50,000. We aim to be the best place to plant.

Photos from the field

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