Silviculture Surveys - Alberta & BC

Shakti’s senior staff have taken, with great enthusiasm to the art of silviculture surveys. From complicated crop development surveys to the simplest of stocking surveys, we’ve managed to find great efficiencies using technology married with a real love of the silviculture game.



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Experience, Enthusiasm

Starting with complex crop development surveys for FRIAA, Shakti leveraged our experience with web development to build a survey platform like no other. Our intuitive forms and mapping expertise created a survey platform that save a great deal of time, and money for our clients. But more than that, the quality of the data and deliverables is unmatched in our experience. Automatically generated reports, intuitive conditional logic and formatting guides the surveyors to generate data this simply better quality and more accurate handwritten or non-validated form submission could ever create.  Geotagged photos, live map tracking and bespoke reports are all just part of Shakti’s advantage in silviculture surveys in Alberta and BC.


Crop Development Surveys

Crop development surveys require the measurement of more than 40 data points per plot! Using Vertex tree hight recorders, calipers, skidoos, and Shakti’s native mobile apps, our surveyors were able to excel at the toughest silviculture surveys anywhere in the business. Having cut our teeth on this level of complexity surveying has become a natural part of our operation. 

Stocking & Establishment Surveys

Get the data you need to determine silviculture success with speed and accuracy.  Aggregating thousands of data points is no easy task, especially in the wild conditions surveyors face. We leverage our knowledge of tree planting with the technology of data collection to meet, not just provincial standards but the highest standards of the lumber industry. Let us demonstrate our ability to get the job done faster and better.

Performance Surveys

For all the effort in the lifecycle of a successful reforestation program, let quality reporting shine through.  As with all our work processes, we let mobile data collection and dissemination guide the process.  We use mobile applications, carefully configured to collect crop performance data with exacting precision on and offline. Accompanied with live, overview map progress tracking, georeferenced photos and automatically generated reporting. We take performance surveys to a new level.