Reclamation Tree Planting in Alberta & BC

For more than 20 years Shakti and our staff have planted thousands of energy and mining reclamation sites. In 2021 alone we planted over 500 sites. By all accounts, we’ve got it dialed!  ☎️🌲️🌳️

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Matching your energy with ours

We believe that all abandoned and unused land disturbances can and should be reclaimed to their natural or equivalent state. This work is well within reach, and it is Shakti’s responsibility to show that this can be done.

Shakti is audited by no less than five external safety organizations and undergoes the most rigorous safety standards working directly for, indeed, some of the biggest energy companies in Canada.  Please contact us anytime for free consultation on energy and mine site: seed collection, tree planting, tree growing, and site preparation.

Tree Growing and Sourcing

Supplying the right trees at the right time is difficult when budgets and timelines are tight. We leverage out extensive knowledge and networks of FMA holders, nurseries, logistics, suppliers and other stakeholders to bring you the best trees at extremely reasonable rates right up until the last minute.  

Seedling Supply

Every year Shakti invests more in growing, on speculation, large stores of seedlings in populate seedzones that require a great amount of seedlings supplied for reclamation.  These seedlings are best suited for our returning clients, as well as newcomers to the tree planting side of reclamation. Give us a call anytime, we’re happy to consult for free on your reclamation site needs. Really though, we just like talking about it 780-328-0958.

Seed Collection

As one of the largest collectors of tree seed in Western Canada Shakti has a wealth of experience and knowledge collecting, processing, and registering seed for use on public lands in both Alberta and BC. We intimately understand the seedzones systems intimately for both wild and modified orchard seeds, as well as the ability to transfer, variance, and deployment requests to meet our client’s challenging reforestation requirements.