Site Preparation


Since planting our 40 millionth tree we’ve branched into other avenues of tree planting including site preparation and alternative, less invasive methods of vegetation management including brush matting, slashing, and coarse woody debris. 

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Less invasive, more biodiversity

We’ve done numerous site prep jobs on reclamation sites in recent years. Slope stabilization and other kinds of biomechanics are the specialty of our supervisor Ron Laverdiere who has performed this work around western Canada and abroad.

We feel that where chemical and mechanical site prep can be avoided, there are a lot of methods that are often overlooked. Obstacle planting, the addition of woody debris, and simply planting more trees is often a cheaper and less intrusive way to reclaim land while respecting the residual plants, grasses and shrubs that naturally regrow in a lot of reclamation projects if planned in a thoughtful way.  As always, we are happy to consult and provide feedback free of charge, in order to get the best outcome for your reclamation project in any case. 

Among these practices, weed collection can do a great deal to reduce invasive species while minding the natural biodiversity and synergies of having tree planters plant trees and manage vegetation in one site visit. Please contact us for more information on the least invasive site preparation around.