2020 Recruiting

Shakti’s got a seriously epic looking summer plant this year. We’re getting dialed in, doing our usual reclamation and niche forestry planting.   We’re looking for legit, fun, interesting planters to grow our team this summer.  In-case we forget to update this we also do year round planting, surveying, cone-collecting and blah blah blah. 

Shakti is awesome for planters who are:

=> Bright people who like learning, independance & managing real life tasks.
=> Funny and interesting
=> Like to make perplexing amount$ of money for working smarter

In 2019 our average hourly worker made over $325 per work day with no camp cost plus vacation pay.

Our average tree price was 19 cents in Alberta, on reclamation soil with no stumps.

Our managers made over $10,000 per month!

These are real figures. Please contact for details.

Photos from the field

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